In 3 weeks we will have our second edition of Coworking Switzerland *unconference* at Impact Hub in Bern, and we are very impatient! This meetup is the best occasion for sharing our enthusiasm and projects regarding coworking with people from all over the country. And yes: you should join us and you are going to spend an amazing day with wonderful people and a great energy 🙂

But maybe some of you don’t get the “un” in “unconference” and are wondering how it works?

Of course you can have a look at the unconference article on Wikipedia, but let me explain in a few words and a few photos. Another word we use sometimes for unconferences is “user generated conferences”: the idea is to give attendees the opportunity to decide together, on the day of the event, the topics they want to discuss. No powerpoints, no speakers: everybody is a participant! Concretely: we will start the day with writing on post-its the subjects we’d like to discuss, and we will organize 3 or 4 different spaces where people who are interested in a specific subject will get together for a one hour session. It’s a very powerful way for letting the best ideas emerge and enjoying the coolest and most productive networking.

OK, there are lots of “best”, “most” and “coolest” in this article, and I have to say that I’m probably not very objective as I have attended more than 50 unconferences these last 10 years of which 30 of them as the co-organizer 🙂 To illustrate, below there are a few pictures I have taken of the very first Coworking Europe Unconference in Bruxelles 7 years ago.


Let’s meet at this unconference in Bern and don’t forget to register on our events page. You can spread it to your coworkers and other networks, via the Facebook event: